Labrador Retrievers – Quality Puppies From Our Family to Yours


Roger has found his Home

If you have been following the photos, this is Green. He is Cyrstal’s last puppy as she will be retiring. He is playful, energetic, attentive and is having a great time with his sister.

As we look ahead to the future, it will likely be some time before we have more puppies. It has been a wonderful 30 years but as our circumstances change, we’ll have to see if continuing to raise puppies will be part of that future. We’ll keep you posted.


Growing up in No Time!

Five weeks old and out exploring a new world. There are still males available – top 2 on the right and bottom right. We’ll keep you posted.

Center bottom are the boys. The darker 2 on the left have been chosen.

See How they Grow!

Crystal’s puppies are doing well. They have their eyes and ears open and are starting to explore their surroundings. They are a fascinating group to watch as their personalities develop. There are male puppies still available. We’ll keep you posted.

The female is on the left and the 4 boys are to the right.

Crystal’s new litter!

Crystal has 5 beautiful puppies. Just 5 days old and already almost double in size. We do seem to have difficulty getting the females we want and this litter is no exception. There is one female and I’m considering keeping her to replace her mom as a breeding female. The other 4 are all males. They will be ready for their new homes October 17. We’ll keep you posted.

The 1 female is on the left and the males are the 4 on the right

Just 1 Left!

Just one left to find a home from Kristy’s litter. Yellow is an lovely, energetic chocolate female. Navy, the black male, has found his home. She loves to explore but is very attentive and affectionate. We’ll keep you posted.

Now at Six Weeks

Two weeks older but in the same positions as the photo at 4 weeks except it is blue with yellow in the center instead of pink. The females are in the top row and center except for blue who is a male also with the black males in the bottom row. A black male and some chocolate females are still available to be reserved. It will soon be time for first shots and their vet check. We’ll keep you posted.

Kristy’s Puppies at 4 Weeks

Here they are – out and about. The 3 males are across the bottom and the rest are females except for Tan who is also shown in the center photo with Yellow. Yellow (female) is also top right. As their personalities develop, we’ll be selecting the reserved puppies for their new homes. We hope to have more photos in a couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

We have Puppies!

Kristy’s beautiful litter of puppies arrived April 10. Several have been reserved but there are some black males and chocolate females still available. We hope to have further updates and pictures available shortly. Stay tuned.

Kristy’s puppies at 1 week of age

Ready for their new homes

Vet checked and first shots today and these young puppies are all set to join their new families. Kristy’s puppies have all found wonderful new homes.

Top row has the black males and they are all reserved, middle row has 2 chocolate males and one black female (reserved) and the bottom row has our 3 chocolate females which also have their new families. The difference in colour especially for the chocolates was the change in light as it went from full sunshine to quite overcast while taking the photos.

Growing up!

Kristy’s pups have new quarters and now can be out and about exploring a whole new world. They are starting to eat solid food and it is fun to watch their developing personalities. There are some black males and chocolate males and females available. We’ll keep you posted.

Top row has the black males, middle row has the 2 chocolate males and the one black female (reserved) in the center, and the chocolate females are in the bottom row