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Kassie’s Puppies @ 4 1/2 Weeks

Kassie’s puppies are now out and about, exploring their new world. It always amazes me how each new litter develops and with each puppy becoming an unique individual personality..

Just one or 2 left to be reserved. We’ll keep you posted.

Kassie pups '17 collage


Kassie’s New Summer Litter has arrived!

Kassie has a beautiful new litter of chocolate and black puppies sired by “Manny”. At 10 days, they are really growing and everyone is doing well.

kassie's '17 8daysDSC_0034

There are 4 lovely black puppies – one male, the biggest of the litter, on the far left, and 3 really nice females.

Kassie's '17 choco 8 daysDSC_0043 These are Kassie’s 5 chocolate puppies, the 2 males are on the far left and the 3 females are on the right. They are being reserved quickly so we’ll keep you posted.

Katie has Retired!

Katie looking rt            Katie looking lf DSC_0031

After many beautiful puppies, Katie is ready to retire. At a youthful 9 years of age, she is an healthy, active dog who does enjoy her walks and games of fetch but also curling up at your feet,( or maybe on the couch if you are not around). A great companion. She has found a wonderful retirement home with the Richards in Guelph – thank you Katie.