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Kassie’s black Beauties

What an eventful week for these 3 week old puppies! Their eyes have opened, and their ears are no longer tight against their heads. They have gotten their legs under them -well most of the time, all the better to get around – and are just beginning to discover what their world is all about.

kassie's Girls 3 weeks

Now they will be introduced to eating “real” food in addition to mom’s milk. Both male and female puppies are available to be reserved.

Kassie's Boys 3 weeks


Simone’s puppies at 4 weeks!

Growing fast and doing well, Simone’s puppies are out and about. This is their first experience outdoors and it was quite exciting to watch them.

Simone's girls @ 4 weeks

Simone’s puppies have all found wonderful families and will all soon be in their new homes.


Simone’s first Litter!

Simone's litter @ 12 daysDSC_7382

Simone has a beautiful litter of puppies born May 27. The 2 boys are on the left and the 4 girls on the right. They are doing great – growing and changing daily. It will be wonderful to watch these little ones develop in the coming weeks.

There will be more pictures to come – we’ll keep you posted!

New Puppies!

Two lovely litters of puppies have finally arrived! On May 27, we had the arrival of Simone’s first litter sired by Crakker – a beautiful young Australian yellow lab. We are looking forward to watching these yellow puppies develop.

Then on June 4, Kassie once again gave us an excellent black litter sired by Hunter. These are full siblings to her 1st 2 litters who are the more recent black puppies pictured on our site.

Puppies and moms are doing well but we have a problem with our waiting list for puppies. We have lost most of the emails of those asking to be on the puppy list and we have no way of contacting you. We recorded the names of everyone and the phone numbers of those who sent them but we intended to just “reply” to those with emails. We certainly would appreciate it if these people would please contact us if they are still interested in a puppy. Our email address is and our toll free phone number is 1 – 800 – 461 – 3504.

We will have puppy pictures soon and will keep you posted.