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Just these Two Lovely Females Left – and they have found homes!

We have 2 beautiful young ladies waiting for families to love.

Sunshine’s little yellow lady is a real prima dona, who loves to sit like a princess, and take in what’s happening around her before joining a game of tag or general rough housing with her play mates. She enjoys fetch and being with her ‘people’.

Kristie’s last black female is all about action. She is the explorer, the instigator of chase and loves charging through the tall grass in the fence rows. She does have her quieter times and enjoys her people as well. She’ll be a welcome companion in a family that enjoys lots of activity.

Pink and yellow


Sunshine’s 2019 Litter

And here are Sunshine’s puppies. They have been vet checked and have their 1st shots and are ready to go as are Kristie’s pups. There is just 1 yellow female still available –  Pink. We’ll keep you posted.Sun's 6 @ 5 12 weeks '19

Kristie’s First Litter

Kristie, the newest member of our kennel and a near replica of her mother Kassie, has had a beautiful black and chocolate litter by Lincoln, also a new, young dog just starting his breeding career. He is black and she is chocolate, therefore we have both colours. These youngsters are out and about, are on solid food and finding out what the world is all about. There is just a black female available. The chocolates and all of the black males have their new homes. These are our last chocolate or black puppies available this year. We’ll keep you posted.

Kristie's '19 pups collage

A great family companion! He’s found his New Home!

This is Blue. He is a really nice, 9 week old puppy still available from Crystal’s litter. People ask why he is left – they ask what is wrong with him to not be chosen. The answer is simple. His litter mates were chosen because they were very light coloured (3) or because they wanted fox red. One was chosen because he was the most energetic and outgoing. Another because she was very shy. So the puppy that was left is this very mild mannered, playful but affectionate, beautiful puppy. Blue will be a great family companion. And has just found his new family in Owen Sound.


Keep tuned – we have more puppies available in a couple of weeks. Their pictures are coming soon.

And they are out and about!

And here they are at 4 weeks of age.  Crystal’s six boys are in the 1st 2 rows and the three girls are at the bottom. There is every shade of blonde you might want. And each one changes in different light depending on whether it is sunny or shade or cloudy. And the personalities are developing as well – purple is first out the door and then there are others that prefer to wait and see what’s happening before they venture far. Yes, there will be a lot of changes in these puppies in the next 3 weeks. Just 2 little boys left – the 2 on the far left of the top 2 rows. We’ll keep you posted.

Crystal's 4 wks selected

Crystal’s New Puppies

And here we have Crystal’s beautiful new litter of puppies at a week of age. The 3 girls are on the left and the 6 boys are on the right. Both girls and boys are still available to loving homes. We’ll keep you posted.Crystal's '19 litterDSC_3250

Needing a home – got one!

This little fellow is the last of beauty’s litter to need a family to love. Although small in stature, he is full of energy, very attentive and loves to be with people. He sports an interesting patch of white on his chest and a couple of white toes. Born May 17, he is all ready to go. And Gage has found a home with wonderful people from Dunnville.

Beauty's black boy 19

Just Arrived!

And we have new puppies! Crystal’s yellow litter sired by Cody is just beautiful! They range in colour from fox red to quite light like their mom with most somewhere in between. These puppies should be ready for their new homes August 20. Both male and female puppies are available. We’ll keep you posted and should have some early pictures in a week or two.

Crystal winter '18


Out and About!

At 4 1/2 weeks old, Beauty’s puppies are out and about discovering their fascinating new world. All of the black puppies are reserved except our little black male. Our handsome yellow male now has a new family too.

Crystal will soon have a litter of yellow puppies sired by Cody – they should be ready for their new homes about the middle of August. We’ll keep you posted.

Beauty's pups @ 412 wks '19

Beauty’s New Puppies!

Beauty's '19 pups @4daysDSC_3100

And they have arrived! One handsome yellow fellow, 5 beautiful, shiny black sisters and one little black fellow to round out the litter. At 4 days of age, everyone is doing well and you can see them growing every day. Most have been reserved, but there is still the handsome little yellow fellow available. We’ll keep you posted. More pictures to come shortly.

All Gone!

Kassie’s puppies have done very well and now we just have this little chocolate female still looking for a home.  While we wait, we are enjoying her, especially on our daily walks back the farm, where she loves exploring all the new sights, sounds and smells. We’ll keep you posted. And this little one has found a home as well!

Pink & Green Collage kassie 19

Kassie’s Litter out and About

Finally the snow is gone and Kassie’s puppies have been out to explore a whole new world. They are weaned, eating solid food and will be vet checked and get their 1st shots late next week in preparation for going to their new homes the week after Easter. Just 1 chocolate and 1 black female left.  We’ll keep you posted.

Kassie' 19 @ 5 weeks collage


Simone’s Puppies – all chosen

Simone’s puppies have been out and about now that most of the snow has gone – they do enjoy the sunshine at the south side of the house. They have been tattooed and had their vet check and 1st shots. Everyone has found their new homes.

Simone's '19 litter @ 6weeks

The boys are in the top row and the girls in the bottom. We’ll keep you posted.

More Puppies! Black and Chocolate this time!

Simone’s litter of yellow puppies are growing and developing wonderfully and will soon be ready for their next pictures at 4 weeks. They are just starting to move out and about, exploring their new world.

In the meantime, Kassie has presented us with this lovely litter of 4 black and 4 chocolate puppies! Everyone is doing well, both females and males are available and they will be ready for their new homes about April 23rd.

Kassie's '19 @ 5days

We’ll keep you posted!

Simone’s puppies have arrived!

Simone’s beautiful litter of 8 puppies arrived last week. All are doing well and are growing like bad weeds. There are 4 males – the 4 on the left, and 4 females – the 4 on the right.

Simon's @ 5days '19

The lightest coloured one is a female. There is a dark fox red male and the other females are fairly dark as well. We’ll keep you posted as this lovely litter continues to grow and develop.

Just one Left! Now Gone!

This beautiful little girl is the last of Crystal’s litter to find a loving home. She is explorative but also attentive, staying nearby in new surroundings.  She really enjoyed time playing with our grandkids as well as snuggling when she gets tried. She’ll be a great companion for some loving family. And she has found a home near Lansdowne where we know she’ll be a wonderful addition to their family.

C pink collage

The Joy of being a Pup!

Regardless of weather a young pup’s zest for life is quite infectious. Mason’s joy in playing with a stick he found  while out for our walk this morning would brighten anyone’s day.

joy of being a pup

Mason has found a new home

Here is a wonderful young puppy, who at 5 months is still looking for a family to love. Being from a litter of 14, there were just too many to choose from before the next litter of younger, “cuter” puppies were ready for new homes. He has had all his shots. Mason loves his walks on the farm and is learning to fetch and would be a great companion for a loving family. He was so excited to become a part of a new family in Kitchener.

Mason collage

Ready for their new homes!

Crystal’s puppies are 8 weeks old and all ready for new homes. The weather finally warmed up enough to venture outside and explore the snow. Although some were a little hesitant at first, it soon became great fun! All have gone to their new homes.Crystal's pups@8 weeks colloge

Crystal’s puppies at 5 1/2 weeks

Crystal's @ 5 12 weeks collage

So here they are! Apple, Pink, and Purple are the girls and the others are the boys. Just getting to the really interesting stage. The next week will bring the tattooing, vet check and 1st shots and a whole lot of growing up! We’ll keep you posted.

Crystal’s first litter!

Introducing Crystal’s 1st litter by Cody. She has 3 lovely young females and 5 handsome fellows. Most of Crystal’s litter are quite light in colour like their mom with several a little darker and 1 like his dad, Cody. At 4 weeks the puppies are becoming much more active – busy exploring their surroundings and are starting to eat some solid feed. There are both males and females available and they should be ready for their new homes November 14. We’ll keep you posted.


Crystal's girls 2 4 wks '18DSC_2357


Crystal’s girls

Crystal's boys @ 4 weeks '18DSC_2364

Crystal’s boys

Four Great Youngsters looking for Homes! Now almost all gone!

While waiting for someone to give them a family to love, these 3 young pups are sure keeping us young! All uniquely different, but so lovable, they are a  great pleasure to take for our walks, a delight to watch their antics and fun. No longer babies, Sunshine’s Blue and Purple try hard to keep up with Simone’s older Orange. We are trying out proper names for them and are hoping for some suggestions from family at Thanksgiving. Purple was the smallest in her litter but she is no push over. She can hold her own with the boys if need be. Orange likes to explore, and Blue enjoys almost everything. Burgundy found his new home! Now Purple and Blue have new homes. Just Orange left! We’ll keep you posted.4 pups collage Oct '18

Almost all gone!

First there were 14 puppies and now there are just two – both young fellows. Only Burgundy and Orange from Simone’s litter waiting for new homes. Teal found his new family tonight. They love going for our walks and we are enjoying them until they have  their new families. We also have a lovely little female  and a handsome male from Sunshine’s litter also looking for their special families. We’ll keep you posted.Simone's 3 last '18Untitled

Yes, Sunshine has Puppies

We have to apologize to Sunshine for neglecting her summer litter of puppies on our web site. Simone’s puppies seemed to over shadow Sunshine’s litter which arrived 2 weeks later. Here they are – 7 lovely puppies – sired by Cody. There were 5 girls and 2 boys with a range of colour from quite light to fox red. There is 1 female and 1 male available from this litter as well as several males from Simone’s litter. Blue is the male and Purple is the female. We will keep you posted.Sunshines pupscollage sept 18Untitled