Labrador Retrievers – Quality Puppies From Our Family to Yours

Kassie’s Puppies are here!

kassie &litterDSC_3549 (2)

Nine beautiful, black puppies arrived March 30. After a weekend of basking in the attention of grandchildren, Kassie promptly got down to the task at hand Sunday night and has 4 lovely little girls and 5 handsome boys. Everyone is doing just fine and Kassie is quite proud of her little ones. Visitors are welcome to see the litter when they are 5 weeks old. There are several handsome boys available but the females have been very popular and all the girls have been reserved. They will be ready for their new homes later in May. We’ll keep you posted as they grow and develop. At week 3, they start to move around and take notice of their surroundings. Then they are introduced to real food. We’ll keep you posted with new pictures in the next week or so.

kassie's boysDSC_3554 (2)

kassie's girlsDSC_3550 (2)


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