Labrador Retrievers – Quality Puppies From Our Family to Yours

Four Great Youngsters looking for Homes! Now almost all gone!

While waiting for someone to give them a family to love, these 3 young pups are sure keeping us young! All uniquely different, but so lovable, they are a  great pleasure to take for our walks, a delight to watch their antics and fun. No longer babies, Sunshine’s Blue and Purple try hard to keep up with Simone’s older Orange. We are trying out proper names for them and are hoping for some suggestions from family at Thanksgiving. Purple was the smallest in her litter but she is no push over. She can hold her own with the boys if need be. Orange likes to explore, and Blue enjoys almost everything. Burgundy found his new home! Now Purple and Blue have new homes. Just Orange left! We’ll keep you posted.4 pups collage Oct '18


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